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Jobs for Shy People 

Could Shyness or Social Anxiety be affecting your Job?

It is a fact that most people have felt shy at one time or another but not everyone who appears to be shy can be identified as having any social problems. For instance, some people are naturally quieter than others and prefer to get on with small groups of people. While some are only shy in certain situations they feel uncomfortable with, such as meeting people for the first time, there are others who feel shy more often. It is a sort of irrational fear that makes people want to avoid what is making them feel anxious or nervous. Although shy people know there is no logic in behaving the way they do, they can't seem to prevent it, all the same. For shy or socially anxious people, it makes no difference, since they can't help being nervous or behaving that way.

Fortunately, shyness is now being recognised as a real social problem and there is considerable research being conducted toward trying to find solutions to help shy people. It is thought that one of the best ways to handle shyness is through self-acceptance and by trying to focus on the positive aspects of introversion and building upon these positive characteristics.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being shy. There are many outstanding qualities to be found in many shy people, although their condition tends to make them withdraw into a private world of their own and because they do not socialize much with other people, they sometimes do not notice many of the things happening around them. Their lack of interaction and socialization also makes it difficult for them to adapt to suit certain types of jobs, which can inevitably lead to them choosing jobs or careers that are well below their natural talents and capabilities. In more extreme situations it can also lead to unemployment.

Obviously, some occupations are more suited to shy people than others but what are they?

There are plenty of books and other resources available on the subject of jobs and careers.

Nevertheless, not many books are written specifically from the perspective of shy or socially anxious people and they tend not to take into account the social issues that confront shy people on a daily basis. They do not go into any detail about jobs for shy people.  For that reason, I saw a need to develop a relevant guide book providing shy and socially anxious people with information on jobs and careers that involved little or no social interaction.

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In 'Successful Careers for Shy People', you will find

* Help and inspiration to assist you with planning for a
   successful career, starting today.

* An in depth overview of shyness and other related conditions,
   like acute social anxiety and introversion.

* Information on valuable new resources to help you overcome
   shyness and dramatically improve the quality of your life.

* Unique self-assessment tools to help you to determine
   your special talents, skills and personality type.

* Details of over 100 interesting and fun careers.

* Exciting opportunities for self-employment, like freelancing or 
   starting a successful online business.

* Great career Planning strategies.

* Many heart warming motivation and 
   inspirational stories.

Everything you need to effectively put your new career plan
into action today.

'Successful Careers for Shy People' can be ordered for the low price of $5.95 (3.00 sterling) at:

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